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Our Mission & Vision

At PEEL, our leadership is grounded in values of compassion, integrity, accountability, and kindness. We aim to create a culture where fear of failure and judgment is replaced by inclusivity, support, and understanding. We focus on cultivating collaborative, inspiring environments that empower our members and the wider community. This commitment to guiding with empathy and strong ethical principles shapes our vision for a community where leadership and collaboration thrive without barriers.


The 4 Pillars of PEEL

Philanthropic Endeavors

Professional Achievement

Personal Development

Playful Purpose

“I’ve always been passionate about contributing to philanthropic endeavors. The opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, regardless of scale, brings me immense fulfillment. Professionally, I’ve had the fortune of working alongside incredibly talented individuals in my field. Their mentorship and guidance have significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth. I view personal development as an ongoing journey, constantly seeking new learning experiences and challenges. Lastly, I strongly believe in the concept of ‘playful purpose.’ Whether indulging in a fun hobby or spending quality time with loved ones, finding joy in the little things is crucial for a fulfilling life.”

– Kelly Frost

412 Foster Project

PEEL’s Charity Partner

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